El Puntazo is a warm dance studio in the heart of Barcelona, ​​with a retro style and an unmistakable and inspiring Tango flavour.

A place full of history, which has accompained the career of  many dancers from different generations and disciplines, today it is born again mainly as a Tango studio.

A place where dance is built with patience and dedication, as in the “old school” way, now  enriched with up-to-date  knowledge.

Visit El Puntazo Estudio de Tango

Rehearsal room

If you are looking for a place to practice, in the heart of the city, with bars, mirrors and warm soil, please visit us in C. / Casanova, 3 • Esc. Izq. Ent 9 • 08011 Barcelona.

Other activities

Would you like to do other activities related to dance, fitness, meditation or theater?

Check the News to see the current activities or send your proposal in our Contacts section, by mail or by form, whether you want to learn something new or give classes of some artistic or corporal discipline.

C. / Casanova, 3 • Esc. izq entlo. 9 • 08011 Barcelona